Why is an autopsy necessary in some cases?

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What is an autopsy??

An autopsy is a post-mortem examination based on a medical examination of the cause of death and the internal condition of the deceased's body. This is usually done in cases where people have died accidentally or in suspicious circumstances or there is a fear that the death may have been unnatural.

How is an autopsy performed?

The room that is usually chosen for the postmortem is similar to the operating theater, but only men are examined in it. So that external injuries can be assessed.A large incision is then made in the body from the front so that the condition of all the internal organs of the body can be traced and samples can be obtained. In addition, an incision is made at the back of the head. So that the internal condition of the skull and brain can also be known and samples can be obtained.

After a thorough examination and sampling, all these kits are carefully re-sewn and then the shroud is sealed and handed over to the heirs in case of medicolegal cases. So that they can bury the dead body.

Why is an autopsy necessary in some cases?

In case of accidental death or in case of suspicious death of a deceased, post mortem report is considered very important for legal action. Similarly, if an autopsy is required for legal action against the killer in the event of a dispute or even a death due to a gunshot wound, the case may be weakened and it may be difficult to meet the legal requirements.

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