List of International Airport in Pakistan

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International Airport in Pakistan

There are following international Airport of pakistan

Jinnah International Airport  (JIAP) 

Jinnah International Airport  (JIAP) was completed in  1992. its the most expensive project at those time in 1992. The Airport Name of Jinnah International Airport  associate with  First Governor General and Father of Nation Muhammad Ali jinnah.  Jinnah International Airport is the biggest Airport  of pakistan situated in karachi sindh pakistan. A french Company take the project of Jinnah International Airport  name is Sogea construction in 1992. The cost of the construction of JIPK Jinnah International Airport is  USD $100 Millions.

Allama Iqbal International Airport  

Allama Iqbal International airport situated in lahore punjab pakistan. Allama Iqbal is the 2nd Biggest Airport of pakistan. The old name of Allama Iqbal International Airport was Walton Airport. At the time of partition of sub continent this is the main airport of lahore. This aiport was not bear the load of  flights. After that The Government of pakistan  Bulit the new airport in  lahore. The  company name who take the contract of Allama Iqbal International Airport was Joanou and Paeaskevaides  the project was complete in . The Name of Allama iqbal international airport was associated with East poet  philosopher  Dr Allama Muhammed Iqbal. The Project cost of Allama Iqbal International Airprt is USD 200 Million

Bacha Khan International Airport  

Bacha Khan  International airport situated in Peshawar KPk  pakistan This airport also known as Peshawar Airport . Bacha Khan  is the 3rd Biggest Airport of pakistan.     Bacha Khan Airport Establish in 1927 for the flights of     British Empire. After that when pakistan start the operation kabul to pakistan when  give this aiport status of International Airport. The Bacha khna airport name associate with the  Pride of Afgan  Abdul GHaffar Khan,

Multan International Airport  

Multan international Airport situated in Multan Punjab Pakistan. Multan international Airport is Biggest Airport of South Punjab. Its was establish in British Empire for the use of Royal Air force in 1938. PCCA Pakistan Civil Aviation Upgrade the Multan International Airport in  2005. The  cost of upgradation of multan international airport is  USD 720 Millions.

Faisalabad  International Airport  

Faisalabad  international Airport situated in Faisalabad  Punjab Pakistan. The Old name of Faisalabad International Airport is Lyallpur Airfield. The Faisalabad International Airport also built in British Empire for the use of Royall Airforce of England. When the city lyallpue name change with the  King faisal king of sudia arabia. after that the name of lyallpur airport also change  with Faisalabad International Airport .

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