Government of Pakistan // Current Affair Of Pakistan 2021

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Government OF Pakistan  Current Affair of Pakistan 2021 This is  very important information for Preparation of any Exam in Pakistan like NTS , CTS ,PTS , PPSC , FPSC ,CSS ,PMS Any job exam and General Knowledge  Papers

President of Pakistan

Dr Arif Alvi

Dr Arif Alvi is the 13th president of Islamic republic of Pakistan. Dr Arif Alvi  was Sworn as the President of Pakistan on 9th sep 2018 on the seat of Pakistan Threke Pakistan (PTI).He was Born in 1949 in Karachi and gort early education form Karachi. After that Dr Arif Alvi did BDS Bachelor in Dental Surgery From  Lahore. Dr Arif Alvi Start his Political Career  as member of Pakistan Tehreek  Insaf  (PTI)in 1996.He is Happily married and have 04 children. He consider  people of pakistan is very precious assets of pakistan.

Prime Minister of Pakistan 

Imran Khan
Imran Khan is the prime Minister of Pakistan he was selected as prime Minister  in last general election of Pakistan 2018. Imran khan was born in Lahore Dated 05 October 2021 He got his earlier education from elite class school from lahore then he was go to England for higher education He did philosophy economics and politics from university of oxford. He was also captain of Pakistani cricket. Imran khan played his first cricket match in pakistan national team in 1971. He served as captain when pakistani cricket team won the world cup match in 1992.

Defence Minister

  Pervez Khattak i s the Defence Minister of Pakistan. 

Interior Minister

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed is the Interior Minister of pakistan . 

Foreign  Minister

Shah Mehmood Hussain   is the Foreign Minister of pakistan. 

Finance  Minister

Shaukat Fayaz  is the Finance and revenue  Minister of pakistan. 

Justice Minister

Muhammad Farogh Naeem  is the Justice  Minister of Law and justics Minister. 

Information  Minister

Fawad Ahmed  is the Iinformation  Minister of pakistan. 

Aviation   Minister

Gulam Sarwar Khan is  the Aviation Minister of Pakistan . 

Communication   Minister

Murad saeed  is the communication Minister of Pakistan.

Economic Affair  Minister

omar ayub khan  is the Economic Affair minister of pakistan

Energy   Minister

Hammad Azhar  is the Energy minister of Pakistan

Education  Minister

Shafqat Mahmood  is the education Minister of Pakistan(bacho ka wazir e azam)

Human Rights  Minister

Dr shireen Mazari is the Human Rights Minister

Housing and work  Minister

Chaudary Tariq Bashir Cheema is the Housing and work Minister of pakistan

Industries Product  Minister

Makhdom Khusro Bukhtair is the Industries product minister of pakistan

Kashmir Affair   Minister

Ali Amin khan is the kashmir Affair Minister of Pakistan.

Planning Development   Minister

Asad Umar is the planning Development Minister of Pakistan

Narcotics' Control  Minister

Ijaz Ahmed shah is the Norcotics control minister of pakistan.

Railway  Minister

Muhammad Azam khan swati is the Railway Minister of pakistan

Water Resource   Minister

Moonis Elahi is the Water Resouce Minister of pakistan

Privatization  Minister

Muhammad main soomro is the Privatization minister of pakistan

Religious Affair   Minister

Noor Ul Haq Qadri is the Religious Minister of Pakistan

Science and Technology Minister

Syed Shibli Faraz is the science and technology minister of pakistan

State and Frontier Regions   Minister

Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob sultan is the State and Frontier Regions Minister of pakistan.

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