Computer Science Abbreviations / Full Forms

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There are very important computer sciences abbreviation and full forms that are repeats in all competitive  exams NTS ,PTS, UTS , ATS PPSC , FPSC , SPSC ,KPPSC , BPSC ,POLICE TEST , ARMY TEST , AIR FORCE TEST , TEACHERS TEST , And any type of jobs test preparations.

 Computer Science  Abbreviations / Full Forms

RAM= Random Access Memory

ROM = Read only Memory

USB=  Universal Serial Bus 

URL= Uniform Resource Locator

CPU = Central Processing Bus

TCP== Transmission  Control Protocol

UPS= Uninterruptible Power supplu

VIRUS= Vital Information Resource Under siege

CRT= Cathode Ray Tube

CD = Compact Disk

SATA= Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

DVD = Digital Versatile Disk

SMPS = Switch Mode Power supply

PNG = Portable Network Graphics

IP = Internet Protocol

GIS = Geographical Information System

ACPI = Advanced Configuration and power interface

HTTPS = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTTPS = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

ICP = Internet cache Protocol

GIGO = Garbage in Garbage out

CAN = Campus Area Network

GMAIL = Graphical Mail

GCR = Group  Code Recording 

MSN = Microsoft Network

BBC = Blind Carbon Copy 

MPEG = Moving Picture Export Group

LAN =Local Area Network

WAN = Wide Area Network

MAN = Metropolitan Area Network

PAN = Personal Area Network

NIC = Network Interface  Card

DCE =Distrusted Computing Environment

ABI = Application Binary Interface

LTE = Long Term Evolution

CTCP = Client to client Protocol

MIS = Management Information system

DIL = Data Link Layer

BIOS = Basic Input Output system

ALU = Arithmetic Logical Unit

HID = Human Interface Device 

MIPS = Millions instruction per second

PCM = Pulse Code Modulation 

WMA= Window Media Audio

MMS = Microsoft Management Console

RAS = Remote Access Services

LBA = Logical Block Addressing

PLC = Programmable Logic control

SCSI = Small Computer System Interface

NVRAM = NON volatile Random Access Memory 

VPN= Virtual Private Network

SFF = Small Form Factor

CAI = Computer Aided Instruction 

MIMO = Multiple Input Multiple output

BLOB = Binary Large Object 

EMP= Electro Magnetic Pulse

AAC = Advance Audio Codec

ASL = Age Sex Location

MBSA= Microsoft Baseline security Analyze

ZIP = Zig- zag in line package

VFS = Virtual File system

SIMD = Single Instruction Multiple Data

DKIM= Domain Keys Identified Mail

WiFi = Wireless Fidelity

PTP = Picture Transfer Protocol

HIG = Human Interface Guidelines

UNIVAC = Universal Automatic Computer

CIFS = Common Internet File system

HAL = Hardware Abstraction  Layer

CNR = Communication Network Riser

BY = Bronto Bytes

DTS = Digital Theater System

MSB = Most Significant Bit

HVD= Holographic Versatile Disk

AMR = Adaptive Multi Rate

CMD = Command

BCD = Binary Coded Decimal

EB = Exa Bytes

AVI = Audio Video Interleave

WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network

CAM = Computer Aided  Manufacturing

RIFF = Resource Interchange File Format

URI = Uniform  Resource  Identifier

SAN = Storage Area Network

MVS = Multiple Vendor System 

NAS = Network Attached Storage 

BPS = Bits per Second

LPX = Low Profile Extension

RTS = Real Time Streaming 

CSIC = Complex Instruction Set computer

MBR = Master Boot Record

BINAC = Binary Automatic computer

DLP = Digital Light processing

LLC = Logical Link control

RIP = Routing Information Protocol

STP = Spanning Tree Protocol

ACL = Access Control List

GIF = Graphics Interchange Format

TGT = Ticket Granting Ticket

PAP = Password Authentication Protocol

OOPS = Object Oriented Programming System

BER = Bit Error Rate

PPL = Pixel Per inch

NFS = Network File system

SFC = System File checker

ICR = Intelligent Character Recognition 

DOS = Disk Operating system 

CTS = Clear To send

BAL = Basic Assembly Language

UTF = Unicode Transformation Format

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